Dr Poonam Bagga by email

Modern medicine, despite tremendous advances does not always have all the solutions as it still does not optimally utilise the powerful mind body connection for healing.

As an ophthalmic consultant, a surgeon and a scientist, I have practised evidence-based medicine for 25years. Treating patients with chronic suffering from a gamut of medical conditions led me to realise that medical interventions are of limited benefit in many; a partial salve for a fractured whole. The significance of the underlying psychosomatic component is often not taken into account.

In 1994, I began meditating after reading 'Quantum Healing' by Deepak Chopra. At first I was sceptical but I was soon a convert. My life, my outlook and my health were all changed by this simple practice. 

Impressed and enthused, I started further exploration in to other areas which modern medicine continues to ignore including studying for a Diploma in Medical Hypnotherapy and becoming a registered member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

My personal journey has invigorated in me a heartfelt desire to bring others to this path of self-discovery and healing that I have experienced myself. I consistently practise self-hypnosis and awareness of this current moment to achieve a happy, healthy and balanced life.