Mind Over Matter Gloria Petrisor

If you have ever asked yourself how your mind can influence matter and which one is the major player in your life, then the book, ‘’You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter’’ by Dr Joe Dispenza might answer your question.  In his book Dr Dispenza gives scientific explanations based on the most recent discoveries in epigenetics, neural plasticity and psychoneuroimmunology as to how your mind and body are shaped by the thoughts you think, the emotions you feel and the intentions you hold.  You Are the Placebo invites you in a simple but approachable manner to create a new body, a new mind and a new life for yourself.

According to Joe Dispenza a new personality creates a new personal reality. A chain of events that starts with a real intention, originating in the frontal lobe of the brain, creates chemical messengers called neuropeptides. These send signals throughout the body which help to turn genetic switches on or off. Some chemicals will be associated with feelings of love and wellbeing whereas some may cause you to feel stressed and overwhelmed. More than ever how we see ourselves and how we feel and think has a huge impact on our lives.

What we are conditioned to believe about ourselves and how we perceive others see us affects our performance and success in life.  We can compare this to a placebo medication. What we are conditioned to believe will happen when we swallow a pill directly affects how our bodies respond to that pill. If the placebo effect is a demonstration of how thought can change physiology (we can call this mind over matter) then we should be more careful with our thoughts and how they interact with our brain and body.

We have our own placebo and that is our brain. Instead of expecting something from our external environment to heal us and give us happiness why not start to change our thoughts, emotions and beliefs and consequently change our bodies and personal reality from the inside. Once we embrace a thought emotionally it begins to become real. When we think a new thought we change neurologically, chemically and genetically. This means that by thought alone we can activate new genes right away. It really is mind over matter.