Mindisity is a group of highly qualified health care professionals who can provide you with effective and efficient treatments for a variety of conditions using clinical hypnosis and other therapies.

In our fields of expertise within the health care profession as doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and research scientists we have all come to realise that health begins in the mind. All our clinical hypnotherapists are not only highly qualified within their specialty but also hold a Medical Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis from the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and are regulated by The British Association of Clinical Hypnosis. They have worked within the NHS and in the private sector and are pioneers in introducing evidence-based clinical hypnosis to the NHS through Hypnosis Aided Rehabilitation Therapy (HART) for the management of pain and other chronic disorders. Members of the team have also been at the fore-front of developing new stress reduction programmes that incorporate the use of mindfulness and hypnosis.